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General Essays /Articles / Papers

First Generation: Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Photographers 1998 (formerly unpublished)

gender, journeys and genres   Published eyeline magazine 1994

The Movement of Women, Gael Newton 1996  (Art and Australia, Volume 33, No 1. Spring 1996)

Pictures In Print: A look at The Australian Situation – Past and Present (1979 essay)

Re-constructed Vision: Contemporary work with photography 25th July-23rd August, AGNSW 1981

The Camera Obscura and Photographic Vision - - 1987 paper by Gael Newton AM - with February 2022 notes

Preface for Photo Files - an australian photography reader:  1999 essay

Photography: Australia:   After Dupain.    1996 essay published in London Magazine

Building the Art Gallery of NSW photography collection–The Sydney Camera Circle arrives in a car-boot (1978

Landscape and Photographers: a historical perspective (a 2004 paper)

Australian Women Photographers: 1890-1950 - essay for 1980 catalogue

Self Portrait: My comments on the 1980s publication - Self-Portrait / Self-Image

Peter Adams' A Few of The Legends - my comments on Peter Adams' 2021 publication

A Story of The Story:  Correspondence between Jack Cato and Keast Burke

Indecent Exposures:   Twenty Years of Australian Feminist Photography, Gael Newton, 1995 (Art and Australia)

David Moore William Street,  Sydney, 1966, Gael Newton

Generations: Australian Photography since the 1970s,   Gael Newton 2002

Australian Pictorial Photography ~ Seeing The Light, essay from Truth Beauty exhibition 2008 Vancouver

Out of Sight.  R,Vere Scott and R. P. Moore:  Forgotten Federation-Era Panoramic Photographers - 2012

Curatorland:  Reflections On Building – The NGA's Asia-Pacific Photography Collection, Gael Newton, 2015

Tom Roberts: A Photo-Literate Generation - catalogue essay, NGA exhibition, 2015

Spot on:  the art of film stills photography, 1906-2001 - essay from Starstruck exhibition 2017

Auction Autopsy The Mossgreen Dupain Estate Sales 2016-17 Gael Newton, June 2017

Auction Postcript:  Mossgreen Dupain Estate Sales 2017, Gael Newton July 2017


Life Essays

From the curator's crypt - The Photographers' Party, 1978

The Photographer's Party 1978 - text for article in Australian Photography

Irreverence: a gloss on the photograph and the smile 1998 (includes photos of myself by Max Dupain)

Interview with Gael Newton, Lynette Letic, April 2014

Typewriters I have known.. 2021 (based on earlier draft)

A 1983 Interview with the Australian Centre of Photography (very long read)


On Our Collections

About photographs we have collected (and still own) and some now housed within public collections

Click here for a separate page for these essays


Asia Pacific Essays/articles

Hélène Hoppenot and 1930s women modernist photographers in Southeast Asia, published 2024

Port Cities article 2016:  Getting into the picture: Photographers and their customers in the port cities Goa to Manila, 1840-1900

Two 2008 entries originally published in‘National Surveys: Southeast Asia’ in Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography, Editor John Hannavy, Routledge:  South-East Asia 19th C Photography: Malaya, Singapore, and Philippines and  
Southeast Asia 19th Century Photography:
Thailand, Burma, and IndoChina (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos)

Trans Asia Photography Review: Gael Newton reviews the Spring 2015 issue -  Volume 43 of Ars Orientalis, a peer-reviewed annual journal based on the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (F|S) collections of Asian Art and their related archives and research programs.

Contemporary Singapore Photography, A Survey, 2011

Local heroes of early photography in Asia and the Pacific.

Royal Court Photography: From the NGA's Picture Paradise Exhibition, 2008

Princes, Portraits andPanoramas – Garden of the East: photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s

Shapoor N Bhedwar The Naver—invocation

In The Sun: Import, export and home-grown photography - Garden of the East: photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s

The Hoffotograaf: Portrait Photographer to Indonesian Royalty: Gael Newton, TAASA Review, March 2014

Camera Chic: fusion of East West influences in early Asian portraits - 2017 TAASA presentation


Other Resources

Exhibition Review by Doug Hall 2008: Old Pictures Afresh: a review of Picture Paradise.

Building a curriculum: suggestions for books on Asia Pacific Art


Natural Causes: Landscape photographs by Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter –  In the balance: Black & White and Colour

Anton Bruehl: In The Spotlight - publication for the National Gallery of Australia exhibition

Anton Bruehl: The Anton Bruehl Junior gift to the National Gallery of Australia

Elaine Campaner (1969 – 2020) In memory of Elaine and her wonderful photographic artworks, Gael Newton June 2022

Jack Cato: 1889 - 1971. Entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography

John Cato & Jack Cato: Generations, 1996 Exhibition catalogue essay, Gael Newton, click here

A Story of the Storey: Correspondence between Jack Cato and Keast Burke, Gael Newton 1986
originally published in the Australian Centre for Photography's Photofile, Autumn 1986

Harold Cazneaux 1878-1953   an exhibition at the AGNSW   30 August - 28 September 1975

Harold Cazneaux: Cazneaux's Sydney 1904-1934 with Biography Essay by Gael Newton

Behind the glass: the story of Olive Cotton's classic Max after surfing, 1937

Olive Cotton, Max in the Shadows, c1935 (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

R A Cunnigham's Australian Aboriginal international touring company

Art and Documentary: Photographic Biculturalism? (Domenic M. Cozzolino) 2005

Spell O! (Richard Daintree and the Australian image), published 1992

The Bounding Box: Essay on Malita Dahl's photographs, June 2021

Reflected Light and Photographic Images, Ian DeGruchy/Dennis Del Favero, 1994

Peter Dombrovskis: Simply - Time, Place and Exposure: Understanding Peter Dombrovskis, 2006

MAX DUPAIN: Click here for the web page with links to essays and resources on Max Dupain

IN A FLASH, Harold E. Edgerton (1903-1990) and split-second photography

Ruth Hollick and portrait photography between the wars, Gael Newton and Karen Jacubec

Shinzo Fukuhara  Japan 1883 – 1948

Fiona Hall: Retro-Spect Leura's Theme

E O Hoppé, Fame, Fortune and the Fifth Continent

John Kauffmann: 1864 - 1942. Entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography

John Kauffmann: 1864 - 1942, Art Photographer (1980 essay from The Australasian Antique Collector)

Yousuf Karsh & Athol Shmith: the good, the great & the gifted–Camera Portraits

The River of Faces - exhibition 2018 - Mark Kimber

Reproduction: Rosemary Laing & Matthys Gerber

J W Lindt, Coontajandra and Sanginguble, Central Australian Aboriginals

In Search of the Native: Photographs by Max Dupain and Eduardo Masferre and their contemporaries

Robert McFarlane   Celebrated Australian photographer 

Robert McFarlane   Swan Lake 2006

Robert McFarlane:Crowd lining the street on Anzac Day at Martin Place, Sydney, 1964 (Gael Newton 2024)

Robert McFarlane A country couple on the top deck of a bus about to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge 1964
(Gael Newton 2024)

Robert McFarlane, Obituary, 14 August 2023, Memorial Adelaide Gael Newton

Robert McFarlane: A special page with links and essays about Robert McFarlane

Tracey Moffatt: Invocations (2001)

Tracey Moffatt: The memory theatre of Tracey Moffatt

Tracey Moffatt: Cover Girl (Essay in Fever Pitch 1995)

Tracey Moffatt: See the woman with the red dress on ... and on ... and on (Essay in Art and Asia Pacific 1994)

David Moore: The Spread of Time (pdf)

David Moore – Reflections: Cycling, Herne Hill, UK

Yasumasa Morimura, Dress from the Guest Artist series Autumn-Winter 1996-97, (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

Lewis Morley: The Mirrored World of Lewis Morley 2011

Axel Poignant: photographs 1922-1980, Gael Newton1982

Michael Riley: Sights Unseen, essay for the exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia 2006

Michael Riley Kristina 1986

Going to Extremes: George Silk, Photojournalist (from the NGA exhibition catalogue)

Going to extremes: George Silk photographer   essay in Art & Australia Vol 38 No 1 200)

George Silk, Fawn and rainbow trout, tributary of the Madison River, Montana, (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

Mark Strizic: In and Out of Focus by Gael Newton,  December 2017(located on Portrait Gallery website

John F Williams: a photo/ history, 2004

Walter Woodbury: 1834 – 1885

Walter B Woodbury Entrepreneur, Inventor:  Woodbury in Indonesia, essay 2014



Online Publications

Shades of Light: Photography and Australia 1839-1988

Silver and Grey: fifty years of Australian photography 1900 - 1950

Australian Pictorial Photography



Exhibitions at the National Gallery of Australia

(The NGA has been changing their web site; former links no longer work)


2014: Garden of the East: Photography of Indonesia 1850s - 1940s

2008: Picture Paradise: Asia - Pacific Photography 1840s-1940s





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