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  Women and Photography 20th Century
  Women of the Colonies (a selection of CDVs)
Gael Newton AM Gael's Bio  |  Gael's articles, essays, papers Gael's Blog
research/ papers

List of papers, articles, essays and research documents - various links;
some also listed below (open to consider additional papers/ and relevant research links)


Papers by Robert Deane: including Eveleen Myers 1856 - 1937; Foreign Influences in Australian Photography; Photography in Serach of The Bible; Camera Work 1903-1917; Colour Photography in the Asia Pacific; and Photographs of France by Robert Deane.

Biographies Albert Brown, Australian photographer, foundation member of Group M
  George W Bell: Australian painter & photographer,  1920 - 2008
  GROUP M Moggs Creek Clickers, Australian photographers based in Melbourne 1959 – late 1960s
  Frank Hurley: James Francis Hurley photographer 1885 - 1962
  Shapoor Bhedwar  - the parsi pictorialist photographer (India, active 1890s - 1900s) 
  Charles Bayliss - Australian Photographer (1850-1897)
  Wesley Stacey:  Landscape of Virtue: The Life and Work of Photographer Wesley Stacey,
Ziv Cohen, Research Paper–June 2003

Developing Photography: A History of the Australian Centre for Photography1973-2013
Toby Meagher, Research Paper–June 2013


ROAD WORK AHEAD:  A study of road photography in Australia    Belinda Hungerford 2010

  Deeper Feeling, Wider Vision, a 1996 thesis by Philip Bentley on Group M photographers (Moggs Creek Clickers)

Oswald Ziegler and the commercial application of contemporary Australian Photography
in the mid Twentieth Century      Eric Riddler 1990

Oswald Zeigler: A page of illuatrations representing some of Zeigler's publications

  Wesley Stacey - a selection of photographs from Wesley's career
  Harold Cazneaux: Australian Photographer  1878-1953
  Camera Work 1903 - 1917   Robert Deane

Carol Jerrems  links to resources about Carol Jerrmes and her photography

  Max Dupain - a page with links to many resources on Max
  Townsend Duryea 1823 - 1888
  Sublime Souls & Symphonies, Australian PhotoTexts 1926–1966, Eric Riddler 1993
  Sydney Ure Smith: Australian publisher 1887 - 1949
  Curators & Photographers: first photography curators (Australian)
Jennie Boddington, Ian North, Gael Newton, Alan Davies
Books online A range of photo-books (some listed below):

Melbourne By Night:  published by Art In Australia Ltd - Sydney Ure Smith, in 1934.
Photographs by W.L. Lucke-Meyer - with text by Basil Burdett.

  A Book About Australian Women: This book was originally published in 1974 by Outback Press
whose permission was granted in 2015 for this online version
  Australian Pictorial Photography: published in 1979;
written by Gael Newton, then the Curator of Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Books - special albums Views of Sydney circa 1890s (a reproduced photographic album)

the BANKS album (this album has been sold)

Collections John Thompson ( a few photographs)
  August Sachtler (a few photographs)
  a link to several areas of interest (some repeated above)
  a couple of photography exhibitions
General Links Some links to useful resources - click here
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