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General Essays /Articles / Papers

gender, journeys and genres   Published eyeline magazine 1994

The Movement of Women, Gael Newton 1996  (Art and Australia, Volume 33, No 1. Spring 1996)

Pictures In Print: A look at The Australian Situation – Past and Present (1979 essay)

Re-constructed Vision: Contemporary work with photography 25th July-23rd August, AGNSW 1981

The Camera Obscura and Photographic Vision - - 1987 paper by Gael Newton AM - with February 2022 notes

Preface for Photo Files - an australian photography reader:  1999 essay

Photography: Australia:   After Dupain.    1996 essay published in London Magazine

Building the Art Gallery of NSW photography collection–The Sydney Camera Circle arrives in a car-boot (1978

Landscape and Photographers: a historical perspective (a 2004 paper)

Australian Women Photographers: 1890-1950 - essay for 1980 catalogue

Self Portrait: My comments on the 1980s publication - Self-Portrait / Self-Image

Peter Adams' A Few of The Legends - my comments on Peter Adams' 2021 publication

A Story of The Story:  Correspondence between Jack Cato and Keast Burke

Indecent Exposures:   Twenty Years of Australian Feminist Photography, Gael Newton, 1995 (Art and Australia)

David Moore William Street,  Sydney, 1966, Gael Newton

Generations: Australian Photography since the 1970s,   Gael Newton 2002

Australian Pictorial Photography ~ Seeing The Light, essay from Truth Beauty exhibition 2008 Vancouver

Out of Sight.  R,Vere Scott and R. P. Moore:  Forgotten Federation-Era Panoramic Photographers - 2012

Curatorland:  Reflections On Building – The NGA's Asia-Pacific Photography Collection, Gael Newton, 2015

Tom Roberts: A Photo-Literate Generation - catalogue essay, NGA exhibition, 2015

Spot on:  the art of film stills photography, 1906-2001 - essay from Starstruck exhibition 2017

Auction Autopsy The Mossgreen Dupain Estate Sales 2016-17 Gael Newton, June 2017

Auction Postcript:  Mossgreen Dupain Estate Sales 2017, Gael Newton July 2017


Life Essays

From the curator's crypt - The Photographers' Party, 1978

The Photographer's Party 1978 - text for article in Australian Photography

Irreverence: a gloss on the photograph and the smile 1998 (includes photos of myself by Max Dupain)

Interview with Gael Newton, Lynette Letic, April 2014

Typewriters I have known.. 2021 (based on earlier draft)

A 1983 Interview with the Australian Centre of Photography (very long read)


On Our Collections

My Favourite Slide: The Cup that Cheers Gael Newton, 2017

 E. B. Mowll:  The portrait is striking in its sophistication and import.  C1880s

James Jameson (photo of  an Ayah [Indian nanny] and two children) Edinburgh circa 1866-84

Dorothy Warner  Adelaide 1890-1969


Asia Pacific Essays/articles

Hélène Hoppenot and 1930s women modernist photographers in Southeast Asia, published 2024

Port Cities article 2016:  Getting into the picture: Photographers and their customers in the port cities Goa to Manila, 1840-1900

Two 2008 entries originally published in‘National Surveys: Southeast Asia’ in Encyclopedia of Nineteenth-Century Photography, Editor John Hannavy, Routledge:  South-East Asia 19th C Photography: Malaya, Singapore, and Philippines and  
Southeast Asia 19th Century Photography:
Thailand, Burma, and IndoChina (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos)

Trans Asia Photography Review: Gael Newton reviews the Spring 2015 issue -  Volume 43 of Ars Orientalis, a peer-reviewed annual journal based on the Smithsonian Institution’s Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (F|S) collections of Asian Art and their related archives and research programs.

Contemporary Singapore Photography, A Survey, 2011

Local heroes of early photography in Asia and the Pacific.

Royal Court Photography: From the NGA's Picture Paradise Exhibition, 2008

Princes, Portraits andPanoramas – Garden of the East: photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s

Shapoor N Bhedwar The Naver—invocation

In The Sun: Import, export and home-grown photography - Garden of the East: photography in Indonesia 1850s-1940s

The Hoffotograaf: Portrait Photographer to Indonesian Royalty: Gael Newton, TAASA Review, March 2014

Camera Chic: fusion of East West influences in early Asian portraits - 2017 TAASA presentation


Other Resources

Exhibition Review by Doug Hall 2008: Old Pictures Afresh: a review of Picture Paradise.

Building a curriculum: suggestions for books on Asia Pacific Art


Natural Causes: Landscape photographs by Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter –  In the balance: Black & White and Colour

Anton Bruehl: In The Spotlight - publication for the National Gallery of Australia exhibition

Anton Bruehl: The Anton Bruehl Junior gift to the National Gallery of Australia

Jack Cato: 1889 - 1971. Entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography

John Cato & Jack Cato: Generations, 1996 Exhibition catalogue essay, Gael Newton, click here

A STORY of the STORY: Correspondence between Jack Cato and Keast Burke, Gael Newton 1986
originally published in the Australian Centre for Photography's Photofile, Autumn 1986

Harold Cazneaux 1878-1953   an exhibition at the AGNSW   30 August - 28 September 1975

Harold Cazneaux: Cazneaux's Sydney 1904-1934 with Biography Essay by Gael Newton

Behind the glass: the story of Olive Cotton's classic Max after surfing, 1937

Olive Cotton, Max in the Shadows, c1935 (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

R A Cunnigham's Australian Aboriginal international touring company

Art and Documentary: Photographic Biculturalism? (Domenic M. Cozzolino) 2005

Spell O! (Richard Daintree and the Australian image), published 1992

The Bounding Box: Essay on Malita Dahl's photographs, June 2021

Reflected Light and Photographic Images, Ian DeGruchy/Dennis Del Favero, 1994

Peter Dombrovskis: Simply - Time, Place and Exposure: Understanding Peter Dombrovskis, 2006

MAX DUPAIN: Click here for the web page with links to essays and resources on Max Dupain

IN A FLASH, Harold E. Edgerton (1903-1990) and split-second photography

Ruth Hollick and portrait photography between the wars, Gael Newton and Karen Jacubec

Shinzo Fukuhara  Japan 1883 – 1948

Fiona Hall: Retro-Spect Leura's Theme

E O Hoppé, Fame, Fortune and the Fifth Continent

John Kauffmann: 1864 - 1942. Entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography

John Kauffmann: 1864 - 1942, Art Photographer (1980 essay from The Australasian Antique Collector)

Yousuf Karsh & Athol Shmith: the good, the great & the gifted–Camera Portraits

The River of Faces - exhibition 2018 - Mark Kimber

Reproduction: Rosemary Laing & Matthys Gerber

J W Lindt, Coontajandra and Sanginguble, Central Australian Aboriginals

In Search of the Native: Photographs by Max Dupain and Eduardo Masferre and their contemporaries

Celebrated Australian photographer  - Robert McFarlane

Swan Lake - Robert McFarlane 2006

Tracey Moffatt: Invocations (2001)

Tracey Moffatt: The memory theatre of Tracey Moffatt

Tracey Moffatt: Cover Girl (Essay in Fever Pitch 1995)

Tracey Moffatt: See the woman with the red dress on ... and on ... and on (Essay in Art and Asia Pacific 1994)

David Moore: The Spread of Time (pdf)

David Moore – Reflections: Cycling, Herne Hill, UK

Yasumasa Morimura, Dress from the Guest Artist series Autumn-Winter 1996-97, (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

Lewis Morley: The Mirrored World of Lewis Morley 2011

Axel Poignant: photographs 1922-1980, Gael Newton1982

Michael Riley: Sights Unseen, essay for the exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia 2006

Michael Riley Kristina 1986

Going to Extremes: George Silk, Photojournalist (from the NGA exhibition catalogue)

Going to extremes: George Silk photographer   essay in Art & Australia Vol 38 No 1 200)

George Silk, Fawn and rainbow trout, tributary of the Madison River, Montana, (NGA Acquisitions 1999)

Mark Strizic: In and Out of Focus by Gael Newton,  December 2017(located on Portrait Gallery website

John F Williams: a photo/ history, 2004

Walter Woodbury: 1834 – 1885

Walter B Woodbury Entrepreneur, Inventor:  Woodbury in Indonesia, essay 2014



Online Publications

Shades of Light: Photography and Australia 1839-1988

Silver and Grey: fifty years of Australian photography 1900 - 1950

Australian Pictorial Photography



Exhibitions at the National Gallery of Australia

(The NGA has been changing their web site; former links no longer work)

these are the new links - later we may upload more on these essays

2014: Garden of the East: Photography of Indonesia 1850s - 1940s

2008: Picture Paradise: Asia - Pacific Photography 1840s-1940s





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