Stills Gallery: Curtain Call

Exhibition: Curtain Call at Stills Gallery Sydney

Still have given notice of their final exhibition.

With Curtain Call, Stills Gallery is looking back  over the history of the gallery and presents the mother of all salon hangs featuring over 70 artists from over the 26 years of exhibitions including:

Paul Adair, Lili Amog, Narelle Autio, Juli Balla, Roger Ballen, Gilbert Bel Bachir, Mervyn Bishop, Pat Brassington, Jane Brown, James Bryans, Maureen Burns, Danica Chappell, Christine Cornish, Brenda L Croft, Melita Dahl, Dacchi Dang, Huw Davies, Ruby Davies, Ian Dodd, Stephen Dupont, Ella Dreyfus, Michelle Eabry, Jackson Eaton, Sandy Edwards, Peter Elliston, Merilyn Fairskye, Anne Ferran, Chris Fortescue, Lesley Goldacre, Lorrie Graham, Megan Jenkinson, Petrina Hicks, Douglas Holleley, Mark Kimber, Pam Kleemann, William Lamson, Ian Lever, Jon Lewis, Michael Light, Steven Lojewski, Marketa Luskacova, Peter Lyssiotis, Deb Mansfield, Mary Ellen Mark, Marion Marrison, Grant Matthews, Ricky Maynard, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Peter Milne, Harry Nankin, Anne Noble, Polixeni Papapetrou, Trent Parke, Patrick Pound, Bronwyn Rennex, Jon Rhodes, Michael Riley, George Schwarz, Roger Scott, Rebecca Shanahan, Glenn Sloggett, Georgina Smith, Peter Solness, Van Sowerwine, Robyn Stacey, Juliana Swatko, Suellen Symons, Jenny Templin, David Thomas, Danielle Thompson, Garry Trinh, James Tylor, Stephanie Valentin, Kawita Vatanajyankur, Justine Varga, Beverley Veasey, Liu Xiao Xian, William Yang and Emmaline Zanelli.

Opens 24th May and runs till 30th June 2017. And that’s it for now.

Click here for the link to Stills Gallery, Sydney.

Click here for scenes from opening

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