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There are two of us here at photoweb:


Gael Newton

Gael is a Curatorial Consultant/Researcher across several fields of interest, including photography, arts and the humanities. Approved to value Australian and international photography and video for the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.

For more about Gael - click here.



Paul Costigan

Paul Costigan is an independent writer, commentator, researcher and consultant on many things visual arts, photography, music, urban design, development and planning, and a host of related climate change issues. I also have an interest in and experience on arts and not for profit boards and administration.

Prime interests: Photography, Arts, Culture and Urban Issues. He shares with a growing number the passion for taking action on climate change within our urban environments and how this should start in our backyards.

Employment and related background is:

  • 13 years as the CEO for the Australia Institute of Landscape Architects

  • National Director for Museums Australia

  • An independent cultural consultant

  • Executive Officer for an Arts and Recreation Industry Advisory Body (involved lots of education and training matters, including accreditation)

  • Artistic Director of Megalo Access Arts (Screenprint and access arts)

  • Too much time in arts advocacy and part-time writer on the visual arts

  • Served on many committees and boards of management of arts and not for profit companies

  • Somewhere back there I was a school teacher

  • I pretended for two years to be a national serviceman in the army

  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts);  specialising in photography and print making (Screenprint)

Currently doing a range of activities.

The other high interests are travel, visiting urban sites, roaming cities, enjoying visual arts (particularly photography) exhibitions and visiting galleries.

When time allows, I read all sorts of things (non fiction)and I love growing vegetables and herbs which then leads back to the pleasures of cooking and eating great food.

I maintain several online sites, including my photographic research site  photo-web, that has links to much photo stuff, I contribute opinion pieces to City News,  and then there is my blog A Word or Two.

My partner is Gael Newton and she blogs on her own site - click here

Please make contact if there are opportunities that we may be able to assist with.


We also maintain several online websites, including our photographic research site

asia-pacific-photography     |   Paul's Blog     |     Gael's Blog     |     photo-web

Please make contact if there are opportunities and projects either of us may be able to assist with.





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