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  An CDV album put together by Alice Stilling of Adelaide around 1863

CDV portraits of the women of the Australian colonies


please enjoy but be aware this section is still being put together so changes and additions are occuring often.


the tanunda album (south australia)

the schroeder family album 1900


the hanson family albums of south australia

circa 1860-1870s

  wesley stacey
  robert deane
  A selection of Australian 20thC Glass Plates
  Frank Hurley
  Townsend Duryea
  Richard Strangman
  Charles Bayliss
  Henry Beaufoy Merlin
  Bernhardt Otto Holtermann
  Keast Burke
  the CDV's of the American and Australasian Photographraphic Company,
A&A - Beaufoy Merlin and Charles Bayliss.
  Mammoth Plates
  Charles Leander Weed (page to be updated)

John Sharkey's Photographs

The First Official Government Photographer, NSW Government Printing Office 1869 - 1896

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