Mossgreen Auction — SMH photographs

AUCTION: Sydney Morning Herald
Vintage Photography Collection, Part 1

This exhibition of photographs ready for auction on Tuesday night is definitely worth the visit. We were there on Sunday and my photos of the exhibition are below.

Mossgreen, 36–40 Queen Street, Woollahra, Sydney 

Viewing Sat 9 – Tues 12 Dec, 11am – 5pm 

Auction: Tuesday 12 December, 6:30pm

(words edited from their press-release)

The collection originally stems from the Sydney Morning Herald Vintage Archives. Comprising over two million photographs, the archive was sent to the United States several years ago to be digitised. The physical prints were later purchased by Daniel Miller, the owner of Duncan Miller Gallery in Los Angeles, a specialist in photography. Part I is scheduled to be held in Sydney on Tuesday 12 December, at 6:30pm. This selection of 273 lots includes works by some of Australia’s most celebrated photographers such as Max Dupain, David Moore, Wolfgang Sievers, Jeff Carter, Olive Cotton and Carol Jerrems.


(This text from Gael’s introduction to the catalogue)

The Sydney Morning Herald Archive holds a mix of photographs supplied from the studios of Australia’s most revered photographers or as copy prints from various outlets. These include images from their early careers as professional illustrators or later in life for new art exhibition purposes from the 1970s on. The archive provides a mini history of the evolution of photography as both profession and art in Australia since Federation. The archive’s diversity of the famous and as well the forgotten, lesser and unknown makers, humble and marvellous images may yield surprises reflecting the wonderful messy reality of the medium which provides fact and fictions about Australia in the 20th century.

Here’s a sample of photographs of the exhibition:


A work by Lorrie Graham above..


An unusual Mark Strizic above..






A Max Dupain above.








Here’s a link to their online catalogue

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