merry christmas 2023

hullo Melbourne!

Merry Christmas from Melbourne, our new home city.

We have landed in Melbourne and have put down a deposit on an apartment and hope to have settlement on the property later in January. Right now we are in a rental apartment till February.

While we are little exhausted from the rapid exit from Canberra and the house sale goings-on, we are very much looking to moving around our new city and the regional areas of Victoria.

Highly recommend the photography exhibition, Real and Imagined,  at the National Gallery of Victoria.

I also urge you to travel out to the Museum of Australian Photography to see the wonderful exhibition, The Salt Lake,  by Murray Fredericks – ending a terrific year for the museum!

Merry Christmas to everyone
and a special hullo to friends in Melbourne — we will see you soon.


Gael and Paul

2 thoughts on “merry christmas 2023

  1. Welcome to Victoria — It’s a HAPPENING Place. So many things to do and see …
    Congratulations on finding your apartment…!!!

    Tho please note that Benalla is pretty Exciting too …!!

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