Trent Parke Avenue of Honour

Trent Parke’s Avenue of Honour at the Australian War Memorial


This is a an exhibition that works on several levels.

In the first instance the photographs are very good examples of Trent Parke black and white documentation and interpretation of a subject. In this case the trees in Ballarat’s  Avenue of Honour.

Each tree represents a World War 1 soldier who did not return. And so on the next level the Trent’s photographs hit you with the emotional message about those back hime who had  to deal with such loss.

A lot of work and research by the artist has gone into making this series of photographs.  The War Memorial is to be congratulated for bringing the works for the visitors to engage with. The curator, Magda Keaney, has delivered something precious, beautifully staged and something very moving.



for more on this exhibition — see the AMW page on this — click here.


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