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Landscape of Virtue:

The Life and Work of Photographer Wesley Stacey

Ziv Cohen, Research Paper–June 2003

This 2017 online version of Ziv Cohen's thesis has been adapted from a copy of Ziv's 2003 thesis written in partial requirement for the
UNSW Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture- copy supplied by Wesley Stacey and Narelle Perroux



To wish to plumb ye wellsprings is easy.

To tap ye elusive fort -

first you must find ye tap

Wesley Stacey, 2003



Intro:  Introduction & Acknowedgements


Chapter One: Landscape photography, an historical perspective

Landscape photography, an historical perspective
Photography and landscape photography, an Australian perspective
Australian photography and Aboriginal Australia


Chapter Two: photographer Wesley Stacey - childhood and adolescence

Childhood and adolescence
Independence and Professional pursuit
First Exhibition
Returning to Australia
Architectural heritage and the vernacular architecture
Making Art - Sydney in the 70s
The Artist Craftsmen in Australia
The Crafts
Artist or Craftsman?
Travelling Australia


Chapter Three - Stacey Leaving Sydney

Stacey Leaving Sydney
Environmentalism, forestry and wilderness
Meetings Guboo Ted Thomas and the Aboriginal movement
Ethnicity- historic world view
Photographic representations of Black Australia
The meanings and the representation of Aboriginals Sacred Sites
The Law Comes From the Mountain'
Landscape Panorama
After The Tent Embassy
Topographical Delights
The 1990s






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Home-Page  /  Intro & Acknowledgements   /   Chapter 1   /   Chapter 2   /   Chapter 3   /   conclusion   /  illustrations  / references 



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