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Lewis Hey Sharp was born in Sydney, the son of Canon William Sharp, and graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor’s degree in science and engineering.

Sharp lectured in electrical engineering at Adelaide School of Mines and Industries in 1908 and Adelaide University 1909 and various other positions until 1919 when he went to Sydney University to lecture in electrical engineering. Sharp was acting professor from 1927-41 and retired in 1949. He was also interested in economics and wrote a number of books on the subject.

Sharp is listed as Honorary Secretary of the Photographic Society of New South Wales in 1915 and occasional lecturer on the bromoil process. He was nominated for membership of the Sydney Camera Circle in the 1920s but was not accepted, although his work seems to have been of an equivalent standard.

Sharp rarely exhibited in the salons (although some historical subjects appeared in The Home magazine) and ceased pictorial work around 1930.

above text based on Gaël Newton's Silver & Grey
Angus and Roberston, Australia 1980





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