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George James Morris was born in Sydney and studied modelling and engraving at Sydney Technical College and may have later taught there around 1905. Morris possibly started photography as early as 1901, but more likely around 1920-21 when he visited Germany, England and America studying engraving and photo-reproduction processes.

He began exhibiting around 1925 as a member of the Sydney Camera Circle and the Photographic Society of New South Wales.

Morris established a commercial studio in Sydney in the 1920s, specialising in advertising and industrial assignments.

In 1927 Morris became a partner in Ramsay Photo Works, responsible for the copying and enlarging work. In connection with this business Morris again travelled to Europe and America in 1936 carrying a Leica camera. Morris later exhibited his overseas pictures in the form of the largest bromoil transfers ever seen (1 m x 60 cm in size, one remains in Morris’ widow’s collection) which he had produced using a mangle. Morris served as secretary of the Sydney Camera Circle for many years. Morris was a close friend of Cecil

Bostock with whom he shared interest in fine craftwork and boating.

One of his last activities was joining the Contemporary Camera Groupe in 1938 after which, at the onset of war. Morris went to work for the Department of the Army.

As a result of an accident during this work Morris suffered a long illness before his death.

Morris’ work was unusual in that his pictures of places show an influence of the photo-journalistic “essay” well before the documentary movement developed in Australia.

above text based on Gaël Newton's Silver & Grey
Angus and Roberston, Australia 1980






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