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David P Millar

writer, cultural historian - photo historian


David Pierre Millar was born at Moora in Western Australia.

He was Lissie Rathbone Scholar at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and a post-graduate student at Cambridge University.

On his return from England, he became a curator at the then National Museum in Wellington, New Zealand. He was subsequently appointed Director of the Dowse Art Gallery in Wellington.

At the time of the publication of Charles Kerry's Federation Australia (1981), he had been for five years an Assistant Director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

David Millar was author of Once Upon a Village, a regional history of the Hutt Valley in New Zealand. He was also the author of a key book on Frank Hurley, From snowdrift to shellfire (1984)

For many years David ran very successful adult education art appreciation courses in Sydney
through David P. Millar Pty Ltd - Centre for Art & Architectural Studies.


Publications (photography)

Photographic Exhibition Catalogue:
Nicholas John Caire: photographer 1837 – 1918
Published 1980 Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW)
Exhibition Sydney 1st November - 14th December 1980
Contents include: Essay by David Millar, checklist of exhibition photographs.

Click here for link to online version of this publication plus other photographs

An account of the life of Frank Hurley:
From snowdrift to shellfire : Capt. James Francis (Frank) Hurley, 1885-1962
Published David Ell Press, Sydney, 1984

Photography Exhibition Catalogue:
Charles Kerry's federation Australia
Exhibition 1 January - 1 February, 1981
Published 1981
Contents include: Introduction and text by David Millar, biography of Charles Kerry, plates of the exhibition photographs.

(click here for more on Charles Kerry and the online version of this book)


Other Historical and Exhibition Publications

Once upon a village : a history of Lower Hutt, 1819-1965
Author:  Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Wellington : New Zealand University Press for Lower Hutt City Corporation, 1972.

A hundred years : being a history of the Church of St. John the Divine, Invercargill, N.Z., from 1861 to 1961
Author: Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published 1961.

Whalers, flax traders and Maoris of the Cook Strait area : an historical study in cultural confrontation
Author: Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Wellington, N.Z. : Dominion Museum, [1971]

Six score years
Author Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Auckland, N.Z. : St. Matthew's-in-the-City, 1970

"Bill" William Alexander Sutton: retrospective 1917-1971
Author: Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Wellington, N.Z. : the Dowse Art Gallery, 1973?
Retrospective exhibition Catalogue

Don Peebles retrospective 1973-74
Authors: Peebles, Don, 1922-2010, artist & Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Lower Hutt : Dowse Art Gallery, 1973.

Melvin Day retrospective, November 30th 1971 to January 30th 1972
Authors: Day, Melvin N. (Melvin Norman) & Millar, David P. (David Pierre)
Published Lower Hutt N.Z. : Dowse Art Gallery, 1971
Exhibition catalogue and biographical notes.

Dominion Museum catalogue of watercolours and sketches.
Author Millar, David P. (David Pierre) & Dominion Museum N.Z.
Published Wellington, N.Z. : Dominion Museum, 1969.

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Published online:
Lusk, Doris - born Dunedi, 1916; died 1990
Author: David P. Millar
Extract (as retrieved through above link)  New Zealand painter. Lusk was the daughter of an architect and was determined from an early age to be an artist. Lusk enrolled herself at the Art School attached to Dunedin’s Technical College. Blessed with ability, Lusk found art school a stimulating time. Dunedin had a tiny but lively art community: Russell Clark (1905–66) was working as a commercial artist, Colin McCahon and M. T. Wollaston were fellow students and R. N. Field and J. D. Charlton Edgar were both instructors with experiences garnered in London and Edinburgh respectively. Meanwhile, Phaidon Press art books gave her glimpses of the world beyond. Lusk found the Central Otago area a rich source of inspiration, and with later employment, both as a commercial artist at Brown Ewings Department Store and as an art teacher at St. Hilda’s, she financed her painting tours to the Nelson area, usually in the company of Woollaston or McCahon....






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