Charles Bayliss
1850 - 1897



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Born Hadleigh, near Ipswich in Suffolk, England

Family moves to Melbourne, Australia

Photographer Beaufoy Merlin arrives at the Bayliss household to photograph the house.

Bayliss joins Merlin as his assistant as part of Merlin's American & Australasian Photographic Company

As Merlin's assistant (American & Australasian Photographic Company), traveling photographer Melbourne and throughout Victoria
Merlin (and Bayliss?) travel into New South Wales. Taking in country towns such as Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn and Paramatta.
Later in 1870, Merlin establishes the American & Australasian Photographic Company in Sydney - Merlin puts Bayliss in charge of the Melbourne office (Bayliss returns to Melbourne in 1870?)

Merlin (and Bayliss??) sets up the the American & Australasian Photographic Company in Gulgong and Hill End.

Uncertainty of Bayliss movements: Bayliss is still managing the Melbourne studios and is also reported to visit/work at Hill End and Gulgong.

circa late 1872 - mid 1873: Merlin works on the Holtermann International Exposition commission.
Around April 1873 Merlin informs Holtermann of his illness and inability to continue. Recommends that Holtermann now commission Bayliss to complete the work. Merlin dies 27th september, at his Leichhardt (Sydney) home.
Bayliss works in both Victoria and Sydney on the Holtermann commission. His main residence seems to be still in Melbourne.

Holtermann purchases mammoth Plate camera for Bayliss.

First Mammoth Plate image taken by Bayliss is of Holtermann's recent purchase of the Post office Hotel in Sydney.

Bayliss completes the Ballarat panorama using Holtermann's new Mammoth Plate camera

The 'Great' Sydney panorama completed - taken from the Holtermann's tower in North Sydney - Bayliss being the main photographer but with work also by Holtermann and Clark. Most likely completed by October 1875.

Early 1876, Bayliss in Melbourne and completes the panorama of Melbourne.

Bayliss reported in country Victoria

Bayliss would have also been in Sydney completing the exhibition works for Holtermann.


Charles Bayliss, Landscape Photographer

Bayliss has moved to Sydney and established his own studio at 348 George Street, soon moves to 335a George St.

Commences to put together his own stock negatives of all the 'best sellers' of the day, being street scenes and public buildings, the harbour and its shipping, the beaches, the beauty spots of the Blue Mountains etc.


Sydney International Exhibition in the "Garden Palace"

Bayliss takes the Sydney panorama from the Exhibition Palace tower. uses the mammoth Plate camera - finished product being 20ft long.

The Garden Palace burns down on the morning of 22nd September, 1882.
Marries Christiana Salier. There were to be seven children of the marriage, five sons and two daughters.

March 3rd: Bayliss photographed the embarkation of the Australian volunteers for the Sudan aboard the troopships Australasia and Iberia.

December 12th: Bayliss photographs the arrival at Circular Quay, the Prince's Steps, of the State Governor-elect His Excellency Baron (later Lord) Carrington together with his wife and the Hon. Miss Harbord.

Official photographer, the Royal Commission on Water Conservation
Bayliss photographs the original Hawkesbury River Bridge.
Bayliss visits New Zealand and Tasmania (not confirmed ?)
Photographs almost every important oil painting in the National Art Gallery of Victoria
Evidence of Bayliss as one of the earliest process-engravers in Sydney and that he made the illustrative plates for the Sydney Mail.
June 4th: Bayliss dies of pneumonia.


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