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1920 – 1999

Henry Talbot was born in Germany and studied art there in 1938-39 and then in England in 1939-40, where he was interned and then sent to Australia. From 1942-46 Talbot was in service in the Australian military forces.

He was naturalised in 1946. After the war he continued his art training at Melbourne Technical College and took up photography around this time. He visited his parents in South America between 1947-50 and won a gold medal at the Bolivian Photography Salon for his work there.

Talbot returned to Melbourne in 1950 and spent the next six years working in various studios in Sydney and then Latrobe Studios Melbourne, from 1954-56, before entering into partnership with Helmut Newton in 1956. Their studio specialised in fashion illustration.

Talbot won the Australian Fashion News award for Fashion Photographer of the Year in 1958 and Newton went on to a highly successful career in fashion photography overseas.

Talbot exhibited widely and received a number of awards for his work. In 1973 he took up a position as a lecturer in photography at Preston Institute of Technology in Melbourne and was appointed senior lecturer in 1977.

above text based on Gaël Newton's Silver & Grey
Angus and Roberston, Australia 1980



2016 exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (The Victorian state gallery)

Review of the above - on ArtBlat (with loads of pictures)

Wikipedia entry





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