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Oswald Leopold Ziegler


Oswald Leopold Ziegler was a photographic publisher in Australia working during the middle of the twentieth century. Ziegler’s use of photography was mainly commercial but he played an active role in choosing both established and young photographers now respected for their creativity. Ziegler also attempted to produce annual anthologies of Australian Photography, although only two were produced – ten years apart.

This is a study of creative photography in commercial use at a time when society Salons were the only non-published way to display photography.

The reasons affecting the style of Ziegler’s more creative publications are also considered, these publications being promotions for regions of Australia rather than Ziegler’s trade-related or commemorative volumes.  (text from online thesis - click here)

The number of publications produced was extraordinary. The list is here.

The selection below is a sample of Oswald Zeilger's work. Most of the images were taken from publications in the National Library of Australia.
When time permits, we may revisit the research on some of these.

There were four editions of Soul Of A City (Sydney).    Links below...

1st Edition 1940 2nd Edition 1949 3rd Edition 1953 4th Edition 1962




For more on Oswald Zeigler - have a look at Eric Riddler's essay on Zeigler and some of his theses - as well as some detailed information within Eric's appendices - some great data. Click here.

with a full list of his publications on this page - click here








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