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This album seems to have been put together by Alice Stilling of Adelaide
some time in 1863 after the death of her husband Robert Stilling.

The Alice Stilling Album


This text and the entries below the photos was most likely written by Alice Stilling.

Maybe she was in Paris after travelling back to England to see her relatives or even to Germany to see her husband's relatives - following the death of her husband in Adelaide, 30 August 1863 - he was 39.

Joesph Stilling was the partner with Henry Noltenius in the merchant firm of Joseph Stilling & Co. which was a significant business operating out of Port Adelaide.

The album seems to be portraits of business associates and friends of the Stilling family.

The business community in Adelaide formed the upper level of the local society and hence you often see albums such as these include judges and the governor. Many in this new business community had multiple businesses across land development, mines, insurance, shipping and retail.

The main photographer was Townsend Duryea. Duryea had become very much part of this social and business class in Adelaide.

Studio: Professor Hall, Hindley Street, Adelaide Sir Dominic Daley, Governor of South Australia (sic)

Sir Dominick Daly (1798 - 1868) was appointed governor of South Australia in October 1861. With his wife and two daughters he arrived in Adelaide on 4 March 1862, the day his predecessor, Sir Richard MacDonnell, was farewelled. South Australians came to know him as a kindly ageing gentleman, accessible, devoted to duty and a peacemaker noted for his cheerful impartiality.

His first duty of sending condolences to the Queen on the death of the Prince Consort was melancholy but it was followed by the happier report of the return of John McDouall Stuart's expedition which led to annexation of the Northern Territory to South Australia in 1863.

Unfortunately pastoral expansion was halted by drought in 1864 but the boom in copper mining revived the economy and led to an extension of railways and agricultural settlement.

Political crises were therefore frequent and the administration changed nine times in 1862-68. More serious was the controversy which led to the removal of Judge Benjamin Boothby from the Supreme Court bench in 1867. Daly loyally supported each premier in turn, zealously advocating more production and immigration as the surest roads to prosperity, and more than any other governor he recommended leading colonists for royal honours. A month before the Duke of Edinburgh's visit in October 1867 Daly asked for an extension of his term, chiefly because of his wife's paralysis, but his own health was rapidly declining and he died in office on 19 February 1868. Despite searing heat, people lined the streets for the state funeral and he was buried in the Catholic section of West Terrace cemetery.

On 20 May 1826 he had married Caroline Maria, daughter of Ralph Gore of Barrowmount, County Kilkenny; she died at Glenelg on 16 July 1872, aged 71, survived by three sons and two daughters.

Source: Australian Dictionary of Biography

Dr Gosse Studio: H. Strother, Stephens Place, Adelaide
Dr William Gosse (1812-1883) and Agnes Grant (1811-1891).

In 1850 the Gosse family with their six children, left England for South Australia, on the barque Elizabeth where they arrived in December. Once there the family found accommodation in Hindley Street where the doctor set up practice. When gold was discovered in Victoria,

Dr William Gosse went to have a look as well and was there to help Alexander Tolmer collecting the gold for the first Gold Escort back to Adelaide. He was later elected to the Board of the Adelaide Hospital and campaigned hard for the immunisation of young children. In 1855 he was Medical Officer responsible for the Adelaide Servants Depot.

On 4 January 1870 Dr Gosse, his wife and eldest daughter Agnes returned for a ten month visit to England and Europe on the Yatala. The night before his departure Dr Gosse was given a dinner by some thirty medical gentlemen.

At the dinner he explained that the trip would not be merely one of pleasure. He would seek opportunities of falling in with the eminent men in the profession at home and would be a frequent visitor at the hospitals and Schools of Medicine. In fact, he said, he would again become a student.

Dr Gosse did very well in South Australia. Most of their six children also did well.

Source: Flinders Ranges Research

Son William Christie Gosse:   In 1859 joined the Government Survey Office. William and his brother Harry both worked on the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line. William discovered and named Ayers Rock. William also named Agnes River, Harry's Reservoir and Mount Hay in the MacDonnell Ranges. In 1875 William Gosse became Deputy Surveyor General.
  Mrs. Ibbetson
  see next for Reverend Ibbetson
Studio:   T. Duryea, 66 King William St, Adelaide 1864 The Revd.Denzil J. H. Ibbetson

The Rev. Denzil John Holt Ibbetson,
IIncumbent of St Bathlomemews, Adelaide (1823 - 1871).

Mr. Ibbetson was born in the West Indies and his father was an officer in the army.   His early predilections were in favour of architecture and engineering, to which branches of knowledge he was always very much attached.

He was educated in Germany, and also at the Civil Engineer's Institute at Putney. He entered upon the profession of civil engineer, and carried out some works at Sheffield. He also travelled in the Mediterranean, and visited Malta, where he very narrowly escaped drowning.

Having expressed a desire to enter the ministry of the Church of England, he was educated by Dr. Jelf at King's College, and was ordained to deacon's orders in London, by the Bishop of London. He arrived in this colony in 1854, and was ordained to to the office of Presbyterian Church. In that year he was licensed to the Incumbency of St. John's Church, Korringa, and he also acted as missionary clergyman to several of the stations around the Burra.

On 8th April, 1861, he was appointed Incumbent of St. John's, Adelaide, and St. Bartholomew's, Norwood, of which parishes he remained in charge until the time of his death. He leaves a widow and four children - two sons, and two girls. His eldest son was educated at St. Peter's College, and afterwards went to England, where he highly distinguished himself at Cambridge. He also passed a high examination for the East India Civil Service, and now holds a good judicial appointment in India.    see: Sir Denzil Charles Jelf Ibbetson


Studio:   T. Duryea, Adelaide   1863/64 Mrs Penny

The CDV has Miss Chalmers written on the back. This may be Mrs Penny's maiden name. see next CDV for husband:  Charles Penny

Studio:   T. Duryea, Adelaide 1863 / 1864 Charles Penny

We are not sure which Charles Penny this is. 

There's a Charles James Penny and a Mr Charles S Penny in Adelaide at this time. Suspect that given the frequency of the mention of Mr C S Penny and that he was in business, that this is Mr C S Penny.

1839: C S Penny owned a Furnishing, Ironmonger and Draperin on Light Square. 

In 1865, C S Penny was employed by the Bank of Adelaide as a share clerk. 27 Setember 1865

a main source for this research was :

Studio:  T. Duryea, 66 King William Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 Mrs Driffield
  see next CDV for husband:  Fred S C Driffield
Studio:  T. Duryea, 66 King William Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 F C Driffield

Mr Fred S C Driffield was member of Adelaide's business class; at times he was in insurance, was a liquidator, had properties he rented and was secretary to the Royal Society of Adelaide and in 1860 was Secretary to the Agricultural and Horticultural Society.

1870: Secretary,  Adelaide Marine and Fire Assurance Company .

1875:  listed a a Liquidator.

1878 Adelaide Marine and Fire Assurance Company of New Zealand, Manage, Montefiore Chambers, Waymouth Street.

1880: F.S.C. Driffield's "Cressingham Lodge" is described in the Observer, 28 August.

1887: TO LET or FOR SALE, Acre 952, BARTON-TERRACE, N.A., with HOUSE of about Twelve Rooms, good Premises, Stabling, and Outhouses.

He died in Adelaide on 19 June 1889.

Studio: Anson & Francis, 45 Rundle Street, Adelaide Lillie Driffield
  Mr & Mrs Driffield's daughter - see previous
Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864 Vero Driffield
  Mr & Mrs Driffield's son - see previous
Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 Vero Driffield
  Mr & Mrs Driffield's son - see previous
Studio unknown Spence      Driffield     Lindsay

A  wonderful small joint portrait of Mr Spence, Mr Driffield and Mr Lindsay.

The photo is umounted.   see previous CDV for Mr Driffield.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 Mrs Cullen

see next CDV for Mr Cullen

from The Southern Australian 29 February 1872: CULLEN. — On the 2nd February, at Palmer - place, North Adelaide, Susannah Draper, wife of Luke M. Cullen, Esq., aged 42 years.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 Luke Cullen

see previous CDV for Mrs Cullen

1852: The Colonial Treasury, Adelaide February 11th - Certificates were granted to a list of gentlemen authorizing them to practice as Barristers, Attorneys, Solicitors and Proctors of the Supreme Court of South Australia. The list included Luke M Cullen.

Maylands, a suburb of Adelaide, was named by William Wadham (who married Jane Cooper circa 1852 in Adelaide) and Luke M Cullen, early settlers who sold the land that made up the original town in 1876. There is a Mayland in the English county of Essex from whence the Cooper family emigrated.

George Guise Studio:  Maull & Polyblank, 55 Gracechurch St,
& 187A Piccadilly, London

no information available.

George Guise may or may not have been in Adelaide. This is most likely the gentleman's name as the handwriting under the photo in the album is not clear.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 J. H. Varr

no information available.  This is most likely the gentleman's name but the handwriting under the photo in the album is not clear.

Mrs Charnock #1 Studio:  The Adelaide Photographic Company

This photo has another slipped in behind it. This meant that unless you realised it was there, the second image was hidden from view.  The second image is another photo of Mrs Charnock;

see next  photo.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1865 Mrs Charnock #2

This is the second image of Mrs Charnock. This was hidden behind the former photo.

see next  photo for Mr Charnock. Ellen Charnock died 1895, age 69 (husband died 1903 age 79)

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 Williams Street, Adelaide 1864, maybe 1865 W H Charnock

1884: Margaret Annie Pollock, niece and adopted daughter of W. H. Charnock, Adelaide.

1885: The West Australian 5 Sept: Messrs. W. H. Charnock, and G. Anderson were re appointed the Directors of the Adelaide Steamship Company.

1887: 15 February:  Resigned from Adelaide Steamship Company

1887: Nt Times, 23 April, Messrs. W Charnock and E. P. Sabine, the heads of the firm of Messrs. J. Stilling & Co., have dissolved partner- ship, and the former will carry on the business in future

1903, The Advertiser, 18 February: RUN OVER BY A MILK CART. Mr. W. H. Charnock, an elderly gentleman, well-known in shipping circles, was knocked down and run over by a milk cart in Grenfell street, near the corner of King William street, on Tuesday afternoon. He was taken to the Adelaide Hospital, where it was ascertained that three or four of his ribs had been broken, and his nose frac- tured. He received a severe shock, and the injuries are of a serious nature. Mr. Charnock was proceeding to his office in Cavendish Chambers in Grenfell street when the accident occurred.

1903, 6 June: at Eighth avenue, East Adelaide, Death of William Henry Charnock, aged 79 years.    1903: Advertiser 5 August: Of Mr. Charnock everyone in the Anglo-Austràlian circle speaks in a manner that shows that he had many .warm personal friends, and was highly respected by those who could only claim a business acquaintance with him.

1904: Prince Alfred Sailors' Home - Mr. Charnock was the president of the home from its foundation.

Tuesday 9 June 1903 (The Advertiser) :  Mr. William Henry Charnock died at East Adelaide on Saturday. He was in his eightieth year.

He arrived in South Australia in the early part of 1849, and became associated with the shipping firm of Messrs. Joseph Stilling & Co. He was afterwards appointed representative in Adelaide of the Orient Steam Navigation Company, and did much to push the business of the company in South Australia.

Mr. Charnock worked hard to establish the River Murray trade, and was one of the original promoters of the scheme for the construction of the Transcontinental railway on the land-grant system.

Amongst other offices held at one time by Mr. Charnock were those of chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the Port Adelaide Sailors' Home. He was formerly a director of the old Talisker mine, had interests in Yorke's Peninsula, and was associated some years with Messrs. George Wills & Co.

A few months ago Mr. Charnock met with a serious accident in Grenfell Street, and from that date till his death he was bedridden. He has left a daughter, Mrs. G. Dutton Green, of South-terrace.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 King William St 1866 Constance G Charnock    #1
  1876: On the 9th February, at St Paul's, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Adelaide, George Dutton Green, to Constance, only child of William H. Charnock, of Holme field, and formerly of Lea Hall, near Preston, Lancashire.
Studio:  T Duryea, 66 King William St 1864 / maybe 1865 Constance G Charnock    #2

This is the second photo of Constance.  In the album it is hidden behind the former photo of Constance, so was not visible to the viewer.

Studio:  T Duryea, 66 King William St 1866 Annie Pollock
  1884: Newspaper listing - Margaret Annie Pollock,
niece and
adopted daughter of W. H. Charnock, Adelaide.
Studio:  T Duryea, 66 King William St 1986 Mrs Casson
Mr & Mrs Bryan Blundell Studio:  E. Farnell, Kent Town, Adelaide

limited information available. Reports in the papers that Bryan Blundell was part of the Port Adelaide business involved with passengers and cargo; and reports about being on a committee for the Gold Washing and Quatz Crushing Company (Limited).

Group outdoor portrait (Sweets Waxed Outdoor Portraits) Studio:  Captain Sweet, 222 Rundle Street , Adelaide

The general subject of the album is the business community around the Stilling family. The four women seem to be gathered together for a reason - no information available.

Captain Sweet:   online reference 
  Studio:  S Solomon, 51 Rundle Street , Adelaide
Mrs Hodgkiss Studio:  The Adelaide Photographic Company, Adelaide
see next for Mr Hodgkiss  
John Hodgkiss Studio:  Batchelder & Co, 41 Collins St East, Melbourne

This photo was hidden behind another of John Hodgkiss. see next for the photo on view of John Hodgkiss

Studio:  H Strother, Stephens Place, Rundle St, Adelaide John Hodgkiss

This CDV had another photo hidden behind it - see previous. John Hodgkiss was the owner of a department store on Rundle Street - this advertisement dated 1865. He is reported as retired in 1881 and as selling his business to James Wadell Marshall - as James Marshall & Co

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide  1863 / maybe 1864 Fanny Lowe

This is  the top photo of Fanny. There is another hidden underneath it.  
see next photo.

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide 1865 Fanny Lowe

This is  the photo of Fanny hidden beneath the former photo.
not much information on Mr Lowe and family.
There is a Mr Lowe appearing in court around this time - he is involved in defending people in court on charges concerning debts etc.

James Hardman Junior Studio: T Duryea,66 King William St, Adelaide 1865

The note on the back: James L Hardman; died September 1863.
so given the Duyrea stamp is dated 1865,
this may be a re-photograph of an earlier photo.
see next pages for Mr and Mr Hardman.

Studio: T Duryea,66 King William St, Adelaide 1866 Mrs Hardman

Mrs Hardman (ne Matilda Howard); see next photo for Mr Hardman.
Fullarton Park Community Centre (1866) started as a six-roomed stonehouse worth £80. Sisters Matilda Hardman and Catherine Howard lived a gracious but active life at ‘Dix Acres’ from 1898 to 1916. The house and five acres were sold to the Hughes family, who lived there until 1971. There is a record of the death of Mrs James Hardman in March 1900 in London.

Studio: T Duryea ,66 King William St, Adelaide 1866 James Hardman

1841: listing of James Hardman, South Australian Bank.

1844: Involved in the committee of managment for the sale of land by lottery of 13 sections of land - twelve hundred acres at Mount Baker.

1851: 8th Oct: James Harman charged with stabbing Thomas Sullivan. The charge was dismissed.

1861: On the 24th September, by the Rev. A. Cooper, at the residence of the bride's father, Hillside, Yankalilla, Mr. James Hardman, of Strangways-terrace, North Adelaide, to Matilda, second daughter of Mr. John Howard.

1876: 4th July - Death of James Hardman at Glenelg in his 66th year.

Moses McLachlan Studio: The Adelaide Photographic Company

Born 1839 Fort William, Scotland. Clerk residing Adelaide

1866: On the 18th January, at St. Peter's, Melbourne, by the Rev. H. H. P. Handfield, Mr. Moses McLachlan, of Adelaide, South Australia, eldest son of the late Lachlan McLachlan, of Fort William, Scotland, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late John Hewett, of Hoxton, Middlesex.

25 Nov 1866: at Barnard Street North Adelaide, Mrs McLachlan gave birth to a son.

7 Dec 1866: Eliza Agnes McLachlan died - in North Adelaide . She was aged 27.

Moses died 1920, Fullarton, Adelaide

Eustace W Sabine Eustace W Sabine

Eustace W Sabine; there is no record of E W Sabine - so have presumed there is a mistake - and have included information on Eustace Powhaten Sabine.
Born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England on 20 Jan 1838 to John Sabine and Adelaide Isham Eppes.

Eustace Powhatan married Charlotte Isabel McGeorge.
Marriage 20 Sept 1865   Christ Church, North Adelaide.

He passed away on 19 Sep 1902 in Australia.

1867, 11th Sept, at North Adelaide, son to Mrs. Eustace P. Sabine.

1877 19 June, Daughter, Lucy


Eustace Powhaten Sabine died 09 September 1902 (Advertiser Wednesday 10 September 1902).

Mr. Eustace P. Sabine, the well-known merchant, of Waymouth-street, whose private residence is at North Adelaide, died suddenly on Tuesday morning. The deceased, who was 64 years of age, was born;at Bury St. Edmunds, England, and arrived in South Australia in 1852.

He was with Dr. Brown on Matawarangula station for two or three years, and on coming to Adelaide joined the firm of Messrs. Joseph Stilling Co., with whom he remained until a dissolution of partnership occurred many years after, when he started business on his own account, as a commercial agent. Mr. Sabine was up to the time of his death on the committee, and one of the auditors, of the South Australian Horticultural and Floricultural Society. He leaves a widow, four sons, and one daughter.

Studio: Anson & Francis, 43 Rundle St, Adelaide Charles Draper Junior
Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide  1863 / 1864 Furness
Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide  1863 / 1864 William Formby

William Harper Formby, born 1818, died 1892.

1869 - 1874 Councillor, Mayor for Port Adelaide

1862: listed as Port Agents for Port Adelaide - connected with John Stliing & Co.

Land Development? - HAYHURST - William Harper Formby subdivided Part Section 88, Hundred of Adelaide, in 1876.

His wife, Eleanor Formby (formerly Eleanor White) born 1865, died in Adelaide 1937.

Herman Daenke sold Metala (now a vineyard) in 1882 to William Harper Formby (1818-1892) who took possession in April 1883. At that time the property was 1001 acres for which 5 pounds per acre were paid. Formby moved from Wayville in Adelaide with his wife (formerly Eleanor White) and eight children.

William, a horse dealer and importer by profession, intended to set up a horse stud and spelling place for the animals he provided for the stage coaches running from Adelaide to Melbourne. The stables across the road from the homestead were complimented by a large yard and open shed where the machinery shed stands today. These housed feed and water troughs carved from large logs.

Arthur Formby, second son of William (1869-1958) took over the management of Metala in 1890 and with his brother Fred purchased Metala from their father in 1894. Their partnership was dissolved in 1902.

Under Arthur Formbys ownership the property grew to its present size of 2,700 acres. Prices for the purchase of extra acres varied from 10 shillings to 11 pounds per acre, the most expensive being the Bremer River flats.

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide  1863 / 1864 Mr Stevenson

There was a George Stevenson editor 1799 - 1856. He was married to the poet and satirist, Margaret Stevenson (1807 - 1874).   Listed as Coroner 1839.

George was Colonial Secretary to Governor Hindmarsh as well as horticulturists and vingneron; and advised on bringing olives to Adelaide.  Not sure if there is a connection with the Mr Stevenson in this 1864 photo?

There was another George Stevenson who was the member for East Torrens 1871 - 1875 in the South Australian House of Assembly

The South Australian Vigneron and Gardeners' Manual (July 1843) was the first gardening book published (and one of the first books locally written and published) in the newly founded colony of South Australia.

It was written by George McEwin 1815 then gardener to vigneron George Stevenson; published by James Allen, and sold by subscription at 3s. then retailed at 4s.

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide 1865 Mary Formby

There was a second photo beneath this one - see next photo

See also William Formby - previously listed

and husband John

Mary was one the children of William Hollow and Mary Dunston:  
Mary Ann Hollow  - Mary was born 1824 Redruth, Cornwall, England. She died. 21 February 1884, North Adelaide, S.A.
Mary married John Formby,  7 February 1848, Adelaide, S.A
John was born 1819 and died 30 September 1906, Alberton, S.A.

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide 1864 Alice Formby

There was a second photo of Mary above this one
see previous photo

See also William Formby - previously listed

Farther - John Formby- next photograph

Alice was the daughter of Mary and John Formby

One of 12 children, she was born 5 Jan 1854, Nortn Adelaide

Listing of all the children: Edward, Mary, Charles, Alice, Sarah, Alfred, Helen, John, Annie, William, Edith, Lucy .

Studio: T Duryea, Adelaide 1866 John Formby

John Formby born 1819 - died 30 Sept 1906, Alberton SA.

See also William Formby - previously listed

Alice was the daughter of Mary and John Formby

Listing of all the children: Edward, Mary, Charles, Alice, Sarah, Alfred, Helen, John, Annie, William, Edith, Lucy .

John Formby was prominent in Port Adelaide affairs. He was a Justice of the Peace and Mayor of Port Adelaide for four successive years, 1869-1873.

A committee decided a drinking fountain (The Formby Memorial Drinking Fountain) would be a suitable mark of appreciation, and a public subscription raised the money to order a fountain from Scotland which was unveiled in the presence of Mr Formby in 1877.
Amy Tilgate Studio: Davies & Co Melbourne
Studio: Davies & Co Melbourne unknown - Mother and son
  This photo was on top of another photo - see next photo.
Studio: Anson & Francies, 43 Rundle Street Adelaide Mary Draper

This photo was hidden beneath another photo - see previous photo.

Not sure if she is the same as  - Mary Ann Draper arrived aboard the Oriental 580 tons, Captain J. Macintosh, from Southampton 23rd June 1855, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 1st November 1855.

Studio: Mr Bell Smith, 17 Regent Street, Waterloo Place Capt Lawrence of the 'Orient' 1856

Capt Lawrence of the 'Orient' - a pioneer of the Orient Line, was launched at Rotherhithe in 1853.

The Orient was built to participate in the gold boom to Melbourne, and was fitted to carry passengers under a poop 61 ft long. However, she was not destined to start life on the Australian run, for she had barely been launched before she was taken up by the Government for the transport of troops to the Crimea.

At the landing at Alma in September, 1854, she was transport No. 78, carrying the 88th Connaught Rangers. She managed to ride out the gale on the 14th November, 1854, off Balaclava, in which 34 of the Allied ships were wrecked and over 1000 lives lost. And in October, 1855, we find her acting as a hospital ship during the expedition against Kinburn and Odessa.

In 1856 she returned to London and was then put on the berth for Adelaide. She sailed from Plymouth under Captain A. Lawrence on the 5th July, 1856, with a full passenger list, and hence forward was a favorite passenger ship in the South Australian trade.

She made 21 voyages between London and Adelaide from 1856-1877, and she generally took about 95 days coming home via the Cape, calling in at Capetown and St. Helena, as was the custom with ships carrying passengers. The voyage starting May 1863 was only one day short of the record at that time.

In the late 1850s and 1860s the arrival of the "Orient" was an event in Port Adelaide, and she used to fire guns on arrival.

Studio: C. T. Newcombe, Photographer, 135 Fenchurch Street, City Capt Legoe of the Murray 1863

Murray, another Adelaide passenger ship belonging to Anderson, was built by Hall, of Aberdeen, in 1861, being the last Orient liner to be built entirely of wood.  She had a long floor with sharp ends, and, whilst fitted with every convenience for passengers, she carried a very large cargo on a very small draught.

The Murray was considered a fast ship, her best day’s run being 325 miles, but I can best show her capabilities as to speed by recalling a race which she sailed with the well-known Blackwall frigate Hotspur.

Captain Begg was the first Lloyd's surveyor at Port Adelaide, and started the South Australian Stevedoring Company with Captain Legoe.

Captain Legoe is deservedly popular; he is such a nice person, so kind, attentive, and obliging; the perfection of a captain and a seaman, always at his post and attending to his duty. The ship is beautifully clean, kept in order, and well found.

Studio: C. T. Newcombe, Photographer, 135 Fenchurch Street, City Capt Harris of the 'Orient' 1863

Captain Harris of the 'Orient'

Previous described with CaptainLawrence - a pioneer of the Orient Line, was launched at Rotherhithe in 1853.

Studio: T Duryea ,66 King William St, Adelaide 1865 Alice Stilling Morgan

Is this the daughter or another young relation of Joseph Stilling Esq. - who died 30th August 1863, at his residence, Norwood, age 40?

Joseph was born 1823.

and is this a relation of Alice who writes in the front of this Album?

1878: Death of Alice Stilling at Southport, widow of Joseph Stilling, aged 56. so born in 1822.

From the book: Germans: Travellers, Settlers and Their Descendants in South Australia - page 111

Joesph Stilling was the partner with Henry Noltenius in the merchant firm of Joseph Stilling & Co.

The author suggests that Stilling's name was German - being more likely Schleswig-Holstein or Nordic heritage.

Studio: E. Farndell, Kent Town, Adelaide Mary and Tip
 Studio: E. Farndell, Kent Town, Adelaide unknown
Studio: T. Duryea, Adelaide  1863 / 1864 Nip Stilling
Studio: Professor Hall, Hindley Street, Adelaide Old Blenheim

Inscription: Joseph Stilling of Norwood, Adelaide, who died August 30th 1863. Aged 39 years.   Husband of Alice - the owner of this album.  Alice Stilling dies in 1878 at Southport, aged 56. so born in 1822.

grave of Joseph Stilling



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