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P. C. Poulsen


There's lots to be written on day about Poul Christensen Poulsen and the extended family of photographers....

Brisbane Botanic Gardens, P C Poulsen

the text below 'borrowed' from the Queensland State Library web site:

Poulsen, Poul C., 1857-1925

The Poulsen Studio was a very important establishment recording Queensland's development for a considerable period of time.

Poul C. Poulsen, founder of the Poulsen Studios in Brisbane, was born in Denmark in 1857 and arrived in Sydney in 1876. In 1882, he moved to Queensland and was later joined by his sisters and brothers from Denmark. He opened his own studio at no 7 Queen Street in 1885 and later opened branches, run by his brothers in other Queensland towns. Poulsen vigorously advertised constant improvements and modernisation in his studio and in the service he provided. His sons and grandson followed in his footsteps.

The collection held by the John Oxley Library includes 144 glass plates purchased recently from the Poulsen family. Copies taken from these negatives display distinctive clarity and detail. The plates depict various aspects of life in Queensland including some excellent images of floods in the 1890s and some portraits of Queensland governors.


Queensland Club, P C Poulsen

and some dates 'borrowed' from Alan Davies’ and Peter Stanbury’s book:
The Mechanical Eye in Australia: Photography 1841-1900

1883: 23 King William Street, Adelaide, American Studio, late Allen & Gore
1884-1885: Hunter Street, Newcastle, New South Wales
1885-1900: 7 Queen Street, Brisbane
1894-1898: Mary Street, Gympie, Queensland
1889: Gladstone Road, Woolloongabba, Queensland
1893: George Street, Brisbane
1898: Kent Street, Maryborough, Queensland
1898: Adelaide Street, Maryborough, Queensland


State Library of Queensland 2015 entry - Early Queensland photography - Poulsen Studios   - click here


Marcel Safier, photo historian and collector, had several entries on the Poulsen family - but seems to have removed them (?)

Mads Poulsen: - Warwick (Queensland) Photographer

Studion established in Warwick in "1896 by Mads Poulsen, youngest of the Poulsen brothers family of photographers. The Poulsens had immigrated from Denmark and Mads eldest brother Poul became a photographer in Sydney and eventually set up a prestige studio in Brisbane. Around this time Sidney E. Hill who had come from Cooktown also set up a studio but he appears to have closed it several years later when he set off to fight in the Boer War. Mads Poulsen went on to become the third long operating photographer in Warwick, eventually taking in his wife's father Silvanus White in partnership. Aside from producing views for the local postcard market Poulsen and White were responsible for many of the fine enlarged framed portraits of Warwick's residents. It was only in the last few years that Poulsen's studio in Palmerin St, that had passed through several ownerships to Gordon Brown finally closed its door to clients. Haig's studio, in the hands of John Haig's great grandson finally closed in 1984."

Poul Poulsen: - Gympie (Queensland) Photographer 1890s

"A branch studio set up by Poul Poulsen of Queen St , Brisbane and run by his brother Anders. This studio employed the Poulsen's cousin Ethel Hill who married photographer Arthur Walker who also worked in the studio. Fred Murray (see below) was employed in this studio at one time and is believed to have purchased Poulsen's negatives, some of which he later published as postcards."

Poul C Poulsen: - Maryborough (Queensland) Photographer 1882

American Studio: "Poul Poulsen and his younger brothers ran the Adelaide and Brisbane franchises of Gove and Allen's American Studio, a chain of tintype facilities. Gove and Allen (and later Allen's wife) operated such studios in the USA, in collaboration with gem tintype pioneer Simon Wing. Poul or one of his brothers took "flying branches" of the Brisbane studio to Maryborough and Rockhampton. Poul Poulsen set up his own general photograph studio in Newcastle in 1884 and then returned to Brisbane in 1885. A Maryborough branch of this studio operated by his brother Anders opened in Maryborough in 1897"


Sandy Barrie has extensive dates and locations for Poul Christensen Poulsen;
and lists the other Poulsens in his book:
Australians Behind The Camera
Directory of Early Australian Photographers, 1841 - 1945.


Anders Poulsen: (Andrew, brother of Poul): w.1884 - 1899
Listed as active in Adelaide, Sydney, Mclean, Goulburn, Cootamundra, Goulburn, Gympie.

Christen Anton Poulsen: (Brother of Poul): w.1882 - 1897
Listed as active in Maclean, Charters towers, Sydney, Gympie.

Mads Poulsen (brother of Poul): w.1901 - 1943
Listed as active in Warwick, Allora

N. H. Poulsen (son of Poul): w.1915 - 1920s
Poulsen Studios Brisbane

William Poulsen (eldest son of Poul): 1909 - 1950s
Poulsen Studios Brisbane

William C. Poulsen (son of William Poulsen): 1900 - 1950s
Poulsen Studios Brisbane




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