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Charles Kerry

Australian Photographer, 1857 – 1928


Wikipedia entry - a very good place to start.

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Charles Kerry's Federation Australia.   
David P Millar, 1981 (published by David Ell Press Sydney)

Click here for the online version of this book (uploaded 2020)

for more on David P Millar - click here


Entry online for Kerry, Charles Henry (1857–1928)

by Keast Burke


Nicole Peduzzi

Travelling Miniatures: Kerry and Co’s Postcards of the Pacific, 1893-1917.
2011 Doctoral thesis, University of East Anglia.

Click here for link to University of East Anglia with links to the thesis

image: A taupo performing the taualuga ceremonial dance with other young girls of her village. Postcard titled “Samoan Warrior”, half-tone print, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, accession number: PSC 1994.3.224 (AS/PC2)


A Selection of photographs

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The University of Sydney Museum holds over 3,000 glass plate negatives from Charles Kerry’s photographic studio in their Kerry Collection.

At the time of uploading this link their web site was faulty with no link to what they hold.
the only link was this one.

(if you see that it has been fixed/ more is available - make contact)


Monovisions online

a link to an online page on Kerry - with a few photographs



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