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photography & the curators

Foundation/ first curators of photography with Australian state/national collections

The following are links to backgrounds on four of the first curators of photography in Australia.


Jennie Boddington: interviewed in 1983 by the Australian Centre for Photograph;
Jennie was the first curator of photography National Gallery of Victoria (the state art gallery) 1972 - 1994

Ian North: Foundation curator of photography at Australian National Gallery (later NGA) 1980 - 1984; Ian North is an independent artist and writer based in Adelaide. He is represented in many public collections around Australia including Artbank, National Gallery of Australia and National Gallery of Victoria. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia.

Gael Newton interviewed in 1983 by the Australian Centre for Photograph;
Gael was inaugural curator of photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales 1974 - 1985
and from 1985 till 2014 she was with the National Gallery of Australia.
For more on Gael Newton AM - click here

Alan Davies: First photography curator at State Library of NSW 1989 - 2014

Another key photography curator was Barbara Perry at the National Library of Australia. No online information has been identified; although two audio interviews are available online through the National Library website.

For more about photography curators and the development of photography exhibition in Australia - go to Curating Photography; there some interviews on this site and a time-line of people, places and events.





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